Get Involved

The El Pilar program offers many opportunities for people to get involved with the active research going on in both the field (Guatemala and Belize) and at the headquarters at UCSB.

A great way to get involved is to volunteer as a crewmember or to work in the lab at UCSB.In the lab, we have ongoing research suitable for independent study or internships in a wide variety of topics related to MesoAmerica and the Maya.
If you're interested in working with our projects, please contact us!

In the field, one can fill many different positions and learn all aspects of a multi-disciplinary project. Click here for an application.

Another way to get involved is to make a donation to the program. Whether it is small or large, or in kind,  the donation will help further the project. You may also donate usable equipment needed to continue to meet our research goals. From a pack of pencils, to a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, all are needed and play an important role in achieving our goals.