BRASS/El Pilar Project Application

Don't forget to submit your completed BRASS Medical form, BRASS Acknowledgment and Consent form, and a brief resume or C.V. along with your application. 

You are applying to join a research project which is operating in an underdeveloped country and under conditions which vary substantially from your home. The project involves physical labor and the ability to live and cooperate in close quarters with others. This questionnaire helps to ensure that the project operates smoothly and that we have some ideas as to your skill, interests, strengths, and weaknesses prior to the beginning of the field season. Please try to answer as accurately and completely as possible. Thank you.

Please consider the following conditions carefully and rate [Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor] how you feel you would fare in the following conditions. You may augment answers with an explanation.

Living Space
Climatic conditions
Personal Characteristics
Skills (please indicate knowledge in any of these areas and extent of knowledge/ability)

Your answers will be carefully considered in the selection process and you will be notified when decisions have been reached for the next field season.


I am aware that participating in the Belize River Archaeological Settlement Survey project of UCSB involves risks. Such risks include, but are not limited to, accidents and/or illness without readily available medical facilities, forces of nature, difficulties in travel. In consideration of participation in the BRASS/El Pilar Program, I do hereby assume all of the risks involved and agree to indemnify and hold the project, Dr. Ford, and the University of California harmless for any and all liabilities that may arise in connection with my participation in the activities that are part of the BRASS project.


If you are interested in joining the project you need to begin preparations for your trip.

You will need:

  • Passport that is valid at least 3 months after your return date.
  • Airplane ticket including a return ticket or adequate funds to demonstrate ability to return
  • $20 US departure tax required on all departures be prepared. This may be included in some air tickets.
  • Plans for getting from the airport to the field. If you arrive at the Belize International Airport, you can taxi or bus (c. 2 hours to Cayo and BRASS Base via taxi, longer by bus). Flights to Cancun require surface transport to the Belize border (c. 5 hours) and ultimately to Cayo (c. 5 hours via Belize City). Flights are available with United, American, Delta, US Air, and Avianca flying from various US locations into Central America.
  • Recommended inoculations and medicines from CDC ( Typhoid, Tetanus, Hepatits A, Malaria Pills (Chloroquin), Anti-Diarrhea Medicine, Oral Re-hydration Solution. Check with your medical professional for your situation.

You may make your payment for room & board in one of two ways, either directly to Dr. Ford for project expenses or as a tax deductible contribution.

Before submitting this application, Please:
* Make sure all the information is correct
* Print out a copy of this page

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