Sandro Teck


Sandro was born in Bullet Tree Falls in 1977. He went to school in the village and completed Standard 4. After he left school, he worked at his family farm and as an assistant in construction. Later Sandro began working for Marcos Manzanero, a local artist. At the age of 20 he was inspired to try his hand at painting and has never looked back.

Sandro has never taken an art class in his life. All his experience comes from seeing other artists’ work. He has been known to leap out of bed before dawn when an idea for a painting strikes him. Over the past six years, while working on different jobs, Sandro developed his own unique style of magic realism. The subjects for his paintings are continually taken from the surrounding tropical forest life: luxurious trees, blue waters, mossy roots, frolicking monkeys, spirited birds.