Narciso Torres

Forest Gardener

Narciso Torres, a proud father of 10, is a master forest gardener. For Narciso, keeping the traditions of his Yucatecan Maya ancestors comes as second nature. He spent most of his childhood working with his father in the milpa-garden where he gained both knowledge and experience in farming.  Over the years his thirst for knowledge has not wavered.  He is generous with his wisdom and openly shares what he knows with anyone who will listen.  As a young man, Narciso was lucky enough to receive a primary education, which, at the time, was a privilege since importance was not placed on scholarship.

Although he describes his passion for nature candidly, the connection between him and his environment is unmistakable, “My own experiences with plants has helped me understand my love for nature.  I am only here to see this resource thrive and prosper, not perish.  Trees and herbs are very sophisticated and the extent of their usefulness is limitless. We need to leave places for the animals.  We must continue to learn more about them.” 

Using his witty sense of humor and his charisma, Narciso communicates his knowledge of the forest to the next generation as President of the Forest Garden Network.  His house in Santa Familia is shaded by many trees, he shares his great mangos, makes his own chocolate, and collects his own flowers. He depends on his bike to get to work every day, returning home at sunset with pride in his heart and a smile on his face.